Q. How do I sign up for the membership?

Running the APP, press the menu button at the top-right of the HOME screen to sign up for SMTOWN membership. You can also use the top right menu at the SMTOWN Service Introduction website.

Q. I want to log in to the SMTOWN APP.

Press the menu at the top-right of the SMTOWN APP and log in to use all SMTOWN services.

Q. How do I log out?

Press the settings icon in the top-right menu of the SMTOWN APP and press the [Logout] button. When you log out of SMTOWN, there may be restrictions in using each service. You can log in again at any time.

Q. How do I withdraw my membership?

Log in to SMTOWN and press [Withdraw Membership] at the bottom of MY PAGE to request withdrawal. When you request membership withdrawal from SMTOWN, a 30-day waiting period is given. During this period, you can cancel your membership withdrawal request anytime. If you cancel your membership withdrawal request, your account information and activity history (LIGHT STICK connection history, PASSPORT STAMP/VISA issuance history, etc.) will be restored.
If membership withdrawal is processed after 30 days from the date of the membership withdrawal request, all account information and activity history will be deleted and cannot be restored. When proceeding with withdrawal, please check the information carefully once again first.

Q. I want to change my email address(sign-up account).

SMTOWN uses the email address you entered when signing up as an account. If you want to change your email address, log in to SMTOWN and go to [MY PAGE] > [Change Email].

Q. I forgot my password. (Change Password/ Find Password)

Press the menu button at the top-right of the HOME screen and press the [Find Password] button at the bottom of the SMTOWN login screen to send a password reset email to the email(account) you signed up with. Press the [Reset Password] button in the email, and reset the password to the one you want to use the SMTOWN service.

Q. I want to set Favorite Artists. (Add/ Change/ Delete Favorite Artist)

Log in to SMTOWN, press the menu button at the top-right, and press the [Set Your Favorite Artists] button to use each function (SCHEDULE, PASSPORT, AR VIEWER, LIGHT STICK) conveniently for the artist you choose. You can select multiple artists and add/change/delete them at any time in the settings.


Q. Where should I ask about using SMTOWN &STORE?

For information regarding SMTOWN &STORE, such as login, product order and payment, shipping, exchange, and return, please ask to the SMTOWN &STORE customer center. For more details, please refer to the SMTOWN &STORE FAQ page.
Go to the FAQ page in different languages


Q. I want to receive notifications of only specific schedules for various artist's schedules.

Press the [♡ (Heart)] button to the right of the schedule title you want to receive notifications on to use the “dips on” feature. You can receive notifications for the schedule you dip on ‘1 hour before the schedule starts'.

Q. Among the artist's schedules, if the schedule is held in a location outside my region, I want to check the local time.

If you want to find out about the time of an event held in a different time zone, press on the schedule. On the schedule details page, you can check the local time of the artist's schedule and the time in your region simultaneously.


Q. I want to get the STAMP!

Depending on the event, you can get the STAMPs in two ways: by location verification (GPS) or by scanning a QR code.
Location Verification (GPS) 1) Update and log in to SMTOWN APP 2) Select the [PASSPORT] button on the HOME screen 3) Select the [Verify your location] button (*Select [Settings] > [SMTOWN] APP > [Location], permission required) 4) Get the STAMP within 500m of the venue! If there is an error in stamp issuing, please check the network status. Stamps may not be issued if the mobile data or Wi-Fi network is unstable.
Scan the QR Code 1) Update and log in to SMTOWN APP 2) Select the Home Screen > [PASSPORT] button 3) Select the [QR] button (*Select [Settings] > SMTOWN APP > ‘Camera’ access permission required) 4) Scan the QR code provided at the venue and get the stamp!

Q. I can't getting STAMPs at the venue.

Due to the large number of people at the venue, there may be errors when issuing stamps due to on-site network issues. Please check the cellular data or GPS (Global Positioning System) status of your device and try to issue the stamp again. Also, please check if your location is within a 500m radius of the venue.

Q. Where can I check the stamp I collected?

You can find stamps you collected through PASSPORT. If you have a history of applying for the digital conversion to PINK PASSPORT, press PINK PASSPORT on the PASSPORT page. You can filter the stamps you have collected by year or artist.

Q. What is a VISA? Can I get a new one issued?

VISA is the history of the artist club that you joined in the previous KWANGYA CLUB and membership level. Only ACE members can check the details of VISA issuance. With the termination of KWANGYA CLUB service on September 10th, 2023, VISA will no longer be issued in the future.


Q. I want to check the AR content of my purchased album or MD product.

In the AR VIEWER, search for the Album name or MD that you purchased, or the Artist name. Click on the content you want to see! You can see the special content for the scan the AR item with the app camera.

Q. I want to take photos or videos of scanned AR content.

When AR content runs, you can select 'Photo' or 'Video' at the bottom to take a picture of the content running screen for archiving.

Q. There is no content when I search for the AR content I want to scan.

Currently, SMTOWN provides the same content as the previous SMTOWN AR VIEWER APP. If you cannot find the AR content you are looking for, please send the name and photo of the AR content to the customer center(help@smtown.com).


Q. I want to register my LIGHT STICK before the concert.

Press the [LIGHT STICK] button on the SMTOWN HOME screen. You can register ‘My Light Stick’ by pressing [Register the Light Stick].
Register ‘My Light Stick’ by following the detailed instructions on the APP. Press and hold the power button on the LIGHT STICK for 5 seconds to switch to the Bluetooth mode. The LIGHT STICK registration is complete when you see the light of LIGHT STICK in the same light you see on the APP screen! If you want to register more than one Q. I want to check the remaining battery on my light stick., you can register additional LIGHT STICKs by swiping the My LIGHT STICK card to the side and pressing the [Register the Light Stick] button.

Q. I want to check the remaining battery on my LIGHT STICK.

After registering/connecting the LIGHT STICK, you can check the remaining battery on your LIGHT STICK. If you do not have a history of registering your LIGHT STICK, press the [Register the Light Stick] button to register your LIGHT STICK first. If [Disconnected] is displayed on the screen after registering the LIGHT STICK, you can check the remaining battery during the previous connection. Connect the LIGHT STICK again if you want to check the current battery remaining.

Q. I want to give a nickname to my LIGHT STICK. Is it possible to change the LIGHT STICK name?

After registering the LIGHT STICK, you can name your LIGHT STICK by pressing the settings icon next to the initial device name of the LIGHT STICK. You can also change the name of your LIGHT STICK in [MY] menu at the top-right of the LIGHT STICK screen.

Q. I want to enter concert seat information.

Check your ticket, press the concert date you want, and enter your seat information. When the concert information of your favorite artist is available, a pop-up message, “There is an upcoming concert!” will be notified on the HOME screen.

Q. I want to delete/change the seat information I previously entered.

If you entered incorrectly or want to change the seat information, press the previously registered seat information and the [Change Seat Information] button below. You can change the previously registered seat information to the seat information you want.

Q. I want to delete the LIGHT STICK registration history.

Press the [MY] menu at the top-right of the LIGHT STICK page to manage your LIGHT STICK. If you have registered more than one LIGHT STICK in the Manage My Light Stick, you can adjust the order or delete the history of the registered LIGHT STICK.
If you delete your LIGHT STICK from the app, you can register it again and use LIGHT STICK-related functions, such as the LIGHT STICK name, battery remaining, and the seat information.

Q. I want to update the firmware of the LIGHT STICK.

If you press [MY] on the top-right of the LIGHT STICK page, you can manage the light sticks you have registered. If you need to update the firmware of your LIGHT STICK, press the button at the bottom in Manage to update the firmware.

Q. "There was an error connecting the LIGHT STICK, please try again." and I can't register (connect) my LIGHT STICK.

Please click [MY] in the upper right corner of the LIGHT STICK page to delete the previously registered LIGHT STICKs and try to register (connect) again. If the same message is repeated, please check if there is a registered LIGHT STICK device name in [Device Settings] - [Bluetooth], remove the LIGHT STICK device from the Bluetooth list, and try again.


Q. I can't find the artist in the favorite artists list.

Here are the artists you can choose from in the SMTOWN service right now.

Q. How do I ask about service errors? (Screen freezing, flickering, etc.)

For inquiries regarding SMTOWN services, please contact the customer center(help@smtown.com), including the items below.
SMTOWN account (e-mail address), date and time of error, error screen (screenshot or video), device information, OS version information…

Q. I am not receiving any notification. (Inquiry about notification function)

Currently, the SMTOWN notifications follows your device system settings. If you do not receive notifications, please check if SMTOWN APP notifications are turned on in your device notification settings page.
iOS: Settings - Select SMTOWN APP - Allow Notifications
Android: Select Settings - Apps & Notifications - SMTOWN APP - Notification Settings

Q. What languages are supported by SMTOWN APP?

SMTOWN supports four languages: Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese. The device system language is used for first-time members, but you can change it to the language you want in the SMTOWN APP setting menu.
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